WabiSabi is a fast experimental Wiki engine in ~290 lines of PHP. The FeatureSet places it in the same ballpark as the original WikiWikiWeb, only with a modern bent. The name comes from a Japanese aesthetic that is reflected in the project's CurrentGoals.

WabiSabi960 is a mod of WabiSabi engine featuring several improvements


added new wiki markup for 960gs blocks - see GridSystem960 for examples
single domain mode
the bundle is designed to run on single domain (or subdomain)
clean look&feel
new default style and html, suitable for docs wiki or smth
editor template
fixed some css, wiki hints added (click Edit this page below)
a plugin that allow customization of selected page(s) by another set of templates
links coloring
separates internal and external links
no plaintext passwords anymore :)
separate templates
no inline template code
minor fixes
some bugs fixed, some regexes changed etc

This mod news

Added password hash generator - not everyone is familiar with php, it's ok
This site made public, with initial mod release

The original timeline is shown at WS website


Default password for the engine is wikiwikiweb (the same it was).
To change pass, query /makepass.php and follow instructions.

If you want to enable search plugin, create engine for your site first, then replace the ID inside the plugin code. If you want to enable analytics plugin, first replace the setAccount with your analytics id. After that, change the plugin(s) extension to .php.

Please keep in mind that WabiSabi and this mod too were created out of academic curiosity.
The bundle may or may not be suitable for a production website. Especially as it is still new, so it may well have bugs and security holes.


Both products are distributed under CC By-SA license.